Equanimity is an athletic brand that dedicates a lot of their spare time hosting community events. Equanimity was founded by Jade Morning and Kyra Johnson, two young black entrepreneurs, and wellness advocates.

Jade started off her early life as a student-athlete, years later she began her journey as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Kyra also had years of training as a student-athlete, and later joined the holistic community as she took interest in natural medicine. Jade and Kyra eventually connected in divine timing, creating a brand and space that brings the community together. Their main goal is to create safe havens where people can feel empowered, confident, and beautiful in their own skin.

The main goal of Equanimity is to be an authentic athletic brand that provides great quality wear and unforgettable experiences. Hosting community events allows them to bring people together and get people out of their comfort zone. By joining EQ events it involves everyone to get active and socially connect. They want to support you in being your best self and contribute to restoring community balance.